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Here are some great ideas for May bulletin boards submitted by ProTeacher visitors! Click on the photos at left for larger views and descriptions! See below for more ideas!

More Ideas from ProTeacher Visitors!

Meet My Mom
By: Micaela Cavanagh

I taught kindergarten last year. For May, I asked for each child to bring in a photo of themselves and their mom. They had an interview questionnaire sheet to complete with their mom, which was all questions about their mom (their favorite book, favorite food, favorite thing to do with their child). I hung up the questionnaires and the photos and called the board, "Meet My Mom".

Bulletin Board Idea
By: Casey

Cover the bulletin board with plain white paper. Have the students work cooperatively to design a scene to paint/draw on the paper, such as an area on your school campus. Then, take pics of all the kids individually, in different poses, like leaning against something, or doing a handstand . After you get them developed have each kid cut his/her picture out and place it in the previously painted scene.

Bulletin Board
By: Dawn

Find some plain white placemats, like at a party goods store. Have your kids divide them into 4 quadrants. In each one, they can write and illustrate a different aspect of the school year. Like, my favorite activity, my favorite book we read, the best thing about 3rd grade, the most surprising thing about 3rd grade...whatever you dream up.

For a title, you can use "What's on the Menu this year," or "What's on your plate" --you get the idea.

bulletin board idea
By: Ann Mooney

Divide your class into groups- get pictures from all class trips, field day activities, pep-rallies, etc... and have each group write a story that tells about the particular picture and how much fun they had in your class! You could even get a picture of the class doing regular class work- just so they realize that class work is also a part of the fun!!

Butterfly Bulletin Board
By: Linda West

I have had the students make butterflies. I give each one a cut out of a butterfly. They color the wings to make a pattern. Then down the center of the butterfly I glue big colored pom pom balls. You could also use pipe cleaners for the antennas. The wings fold up on both sides to make it look as though they are flying. Staple to board and put a heading. It really is quite colorful.

Six Flags Fun Bulletin Boards
By: BuzyBee

Here are some ideas...

*Make a roller coaster down the hall. You could get that bulletin board paper and cut it to make small hills. Take a marker and draw a grid on it. Make a small set of roller-coaster cars. Then, you can take pictures of the kids with their arms up in the air, print them out, cut them out, and glue them in the cars so it looks like they are riding! Titles could me "Rolling toward success!" "Reaching new heights!"

*Make a "game" bulletin board. Put up a colorful background and make three small stacks of white milk-jugs made of paper along the bottom. Put colorful cutouts of bears hanging at the top like prizes. "Knock-out a great year by keeping your eyes on the prize!" Put character words on the prizes like "honesty", "caring", etc.

At our Six Flags we have a ride called "Thunder River" with rapids. Maybe you could make a bunch of rapids at the bottom and Make a big raft to put a photo of your class standing on. "Ride the wave of success in ___ grade!"

end of year bulletin board
By: Soccermom

I like to do a Remember when bulletin board at the end of the year- I write and put up funny things, places we went, and accomplishments that happened through the year. I add photos and other graphics. I got this idea from my 5th grade teacher!!! I remembered that she did it.

End of the year bulletin board
By: Mary

I have the children make ice cream cones out of construction paper. The actual cone is made out of brown construction paper. Next, I have the children trace and cut out the ice cream scoops. Each scoop is a different color to symbolize various ice cream flavors. Then I have the children write on each scoop of ice cream something that they have learned this year in school. They stack the ice cream scoops one on top of the other to make a tall ice cream cone. It is fun to see all the scoops of ice cream filled with the wonderful things that we learned during the year.

end of the year bulletin board
By: LuCinda

At the end of the year I draw a large picture of a slice of watermelon and then let the children make their own slices of watermelon complete with real watermelon seeds. I then place their slices around the large slice. The title that I use is "No Matter How You Slice It, You Were A Great Class". I am not sure but this may have come from an old issue of Mailbox magazine.

Bulletin Board
By: Third grade teacher

We are doing a bulletin board titled "Third Grade Is Out Of This World!". The kids are writing a reflection on their third grade year, and to illustrate it, they will be designing aliens to "peek over" the writing. I got cloud wrapping paper for the background, and Mailbox Magazine had an earth pattern I am going to put in the middle. I am going to use these pieces for the students' portfolios, but I could also have chosen to leave it up for next year's students to see what they will have to look forward to.

end of year bulletin board idea
By: AnnMarie

I wish I could take credit for this idea but it came from one of our Kinder teachers.

She had construction paper flowers with faces (stems and all) On each one she put sunglasses, ($1.00 store) For the "heading" she said something like "Look how we have blossomed "
Very eye catching and she gets a ton of compliments~

Have a ball in 5th grade!
By: Tricia

At the end of last year I drew a small beach ball and put lines in the center. I had my 5th graders write one favorite thing that we had done during the school year. I asked them to write only about academics (cool projects, science labs, internet research, acting, etc.). I hung a bulletin board with blue background, burlap on the bottom and sunglass border. In the corner there is a big sunshine wearing a top hat with the title "Have a ball in 5th grade!" I then scattered the beach balls all over the bulletin board. This will give incoming 5th graders some ideas of what to expect and look forward to.

bulletin board ideas
By: Joanne

I am doing a blasting off to Junior high. I am using rockets , cutting out a place in the middle and put their pictures (baby or kindergarten pictures). In the hallway we are doing Sailing to Junior High theme. Using sail boats. We also made graduation caps and put their names and a tassels on them. We are going to hang them as mobiles in the 5th grade hallway


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