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We Had a T-riffic Summer!
Susan Simmons, Diamondhead, MS
Grade Level: 3

Students love telling about their summer, so this gave them a creative way to do it! They were each given a construction paper shirt to draw and write about their summer. They were also given a piece of construction paper to create and cut out a flower for the bottom of the board. I put blue bulletin board up, painted a tree on each side, painted plant stems/leaves at the bottom, made grass at the bottom by shredding green bulletin board paper, and made cotton clouds at the top. We put string between the painted trees (hot glued at each end) and they hung their t-shirts with little colored clothes pins. I took their pictures with a digital camera and they glued them to their flowers. Parents were thrilled to see these at Open House! I even used the t-shirts and flowers later by laminating them and adding them to the child's personal scrapbook (to be given to parents the last week of school).

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