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Here are some great ideas for Back to School bulletin boards submitted by ProTeacher visitors! Click on the photos at left for larger views and descriptions! See below for more ideas!

More Ideas from ProTeacher Visitors!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
By: Jody

I start the Kindergarten year using the book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. I make a coconut tree out of green and brown construction paper and use an Ellison machine to put the first letter in each child's name around the tree. On each letter I fill in the rest of the child's name. The bulletin board reads, "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Look Who's In Our Room." I take a photo of each child on the first day of school and have them find their letter (and name) by the tree. I tape the photo next to the letter and save it for their memory books when I change bulletin boards.

bulletin boards
By: Tara

I have a "Happy Birthday" bulletin board in my room! It stays up year round and I can easily see which student(s) have a birthday coming up soon!

I also have a "News and Info." board that stays up all year long. I change the border frequently. This board contains breakfast/lunch menu, fire drill, football schedule, etc.

bulletin boards
By: Marlene G.

It helps to have some bulletin boards that stay up all year long. I have a calendar board (use monthly or seasonal decorations) a Homework Stars (kids put stickers on their own star), a birthday express train, a word wall, and Be a Bookworm (each child's name is on a section of the worm)
My other boards are used for science, math, social studies or to display children's work.

Bulletin boards
By: Connie

I am a 2nd grade teacher also. At the beginning of the year I put up a bulletin board with a birthday cake and bags with birthday goodies for each child. When it is the child's birthday, he or she takes down their own bag and enjoys everything in it. It makes them feel special on their special day! This board stays up all year.
I put a classroom helper board, a calendar board, and a " Welcome to 2nd Grade " board with a huge paper apple and caterpillars with each child's name on them. Also, a seasonal board is put up. Good luck. Hope this helps. I'm going in tomorrow to work on my boards.

Bulletin Board Ideas
By: Janelle

At the beginning of each year, we have to post our new students names on our hallway bulletin board. I make "grass" at the bottom, cut a cheap round laundry basket in half and attach it to my board. I make paper t-shirts with each child's name and clothes pin them to clothesline rope that is attached to the board. My title is Third Grade is Loads of Fun!

Bulletin Board Ideas
By: Leslie

Here are some ideas:

"A Great Catch" Use a fishing net and put the students names on fish.

"Welcome to the Hive..." with a giant beehive and bees.

"First Class ____ Graders" with a mailbox bearing your name and a bunch of letters with the students names on them.

"Oh, the places we'll go" with a highway and small road signs labeled with neat things you plan to study. You could even put the students' names on cars and put them on the highway.

"I'm so glad you're a piece/part of this class!" Make a large puzzle out of two pieces of poster board and write a students name on each piece.

"Look what's blooming in _____ grade" Write students names on flowers.

"Happiness is ... ...being in ___ grade!" and put the student's names on smiley faces.

Bulletin Boards
By: Traci

Hi! I actually found the title, that I'm using this year, either on this site or somewhere on the internet last summer.
"So You Wormed Your Way Into 4th Grade"
I have a paper that is shaped like an apple, and has on it favorite subject, sport, etc. in which each student fills out. At the bottom of the apple a cute lil' worm with classes looks like it is coming out of the apple.
Other ideas: "Isn't it grape to be in 4th grade" (students write there names on a grape and put the grapes together to make a bunch)
"Good Apples are in Room ?"
"The Stars of Room ?" (I have a star paper in which the students fill out info. about themselves).

Bulletin Board Ideas
By: Tabitha

Last year I bought a 3d sun from a party store and gold star rope. I placed the sun with the rope coming out like rays on my wall in the hallway. I had "Look Who's Bursting Into 5Th Grade" posted above it. I cut out suns from the die cut and wrote their names on them. My principal loved it and the kids loved the sun.
This year I am using a black and white checkerboard table cloth with different colored racing flags placed around it. I have a huge race car that I colored and stenciled my name on it. I have also colored and will laminate smaller race cars. I am going to put the title "Racing Into 5th Grade" over top it. On the small race cars will be my new students names. I usually get my ideas from The Mailbox magazine as well.
I also used a bulletin board saying "I am dog gone glad your here" and I cut out a large hot dog figure with a list of condiments that meant different things. Ex. mustard-loves math, ketchup-loves reading etc. I gave a smaller hot dog figure to my students and had them decorate their hot dogs using the list. This also let me know who could follow the directions and use a key to do a project.
I also have a pretty big kid figure that I have them decorate to look like themselves. They have to write a paragraph describing themselves. We hang them outside in the hall with the title "Mrs. Cannatelli's Fabulous Fifth Graders". They love decorating a figure to look like them and seeing it in the hall. The writing gives me an idea of what I will need to be working on for writing.


Bulletin boards
By: Debbie

Truthfully, when the kids come in, my bulletin boards are completely bare; just non-fade paper in restful colors with a border that will stay up the entire year. One of the first getting to know you activities is for the children to brainstorm a list of things they'd like to know about their new classmates. I type this for them and they start interviewing one another. These completed interviews are shared and posted along with first day photos I take (it's always nice to have each child have individual photos on the first day and the end of the school year). It stays up usually until the first Open House / Curriculum Night. I have a board ready for a word wall and a daily schedule chart. Once the children and I have developed the preliminary classroom expectations, these are also posted. If you are a 3-6 GL teacher, you should get the Guiding Readers and Writers book by Fountas and Pinnell. Awesome resource for procedural lessons plus skills and craft as readers and writers. It outlines a possible set of first lessons (gets you thru the first month of school!) for Language Arts. ;-D

Bulletin board sayings
By: jamie

"Going buggy in 5th grade"
"A Garden of Things To Do"
"Buggy Brain Teasers"

you could use this bulletin board to put up brain teasers for the kids to do when they are finished their work...also, post the answer key so its self correcting....

you could also put up things to do when they are done their work.. for example make a garden scene and on each flower or bug or whatever, write one thing the kids can do if they finish their work early...some ideas are: read silently, write a book report, use computer, practice spelling words, do a brain teaser, clean out desk, play a game, do a puzzle, catch up on any unfinished work, etc...

bulletin board help
By: Julianne

Wow, I'd hate it if someone told me what themes to use on my boards! But you need some help right away and THEN go on to fight that battle. So here are a couple of tried and true ways to fill the two hall boards. (What age group are we talking about here?)


1. Give each student a piece of paper and have them do a quick watercolor wash in fall colors. When they have dried cut leaves from the papers. You can have older students do it themselves, have an aide or yourself do it for younger students. Then cut a quick tree trunk or two from brown paper and put the thing up. Caption: Fall Colors from Room ___. These are good because the watercolor papers tend to curl, giving the leaves a 3D appearance.

2. Make apple prints with red, yellow and green paint. Cut frames from red or green construction paper and have each student sign their work. Caption: Fall Harvest from Room ___.

All About Me:

1. Have each student draw a life-sized head and shoulders of themselves. Now interview each student (a parent volunteer job if possible) and write on a 3X5 index card the answers to three simple questions - My favorite food is _________, I have _____ brothers and sisters, You can decide what you want to ask based on the ages of your students. Attach the finished card to the bottom of the portrait at the top edge only. Under the card write the child's name. Post the pictures on the board so that students can look at the portrait, read the questions, and guess who the picture is. They can lift the card to see if they are right. Caption: Who Am I? (Hint: I'm in Room _____.)

2. Use the back of a paper plate for a face. Have students create a self portrait using yarn, buttons, sequins, glitter, paint, etc. Cut a torso from construction paper and let students write a short piece of information about themselves on the torso - My name is Fred. I like eating pizza. My best friend is Tommy. I went to Disneyworld this summer. Caption: The Faces in Room _____.

Bulletin Boards Ideas
By: Tricia

At the beginning of this year I had the students write Biopoems. I drew a t-shirt on a piece of paper and typed the format inside the t-shirt. After the students completed these I hung them up with clothespins on a wire that runs across my classroom. In the center of the wire is a sign that says "Hanging Out In 5th Grade".
Another idea...Students wrote 3 academic goals and 1 personal goal for this school year in a speech bubble. I took their pictures with a digital camera, printed them and placed the picture below the speech bubble. Not only can this stay up for the whole year, but it allows you and the student to look back on the goals that they set for themselves for the school year, and make changes in order to meet those goals.
I have a "Wall of Fame" bulletin board where the students can put any work that they are proud of on. The students maintain this bulletin board.

Think Tank Bulletin Board
By: Michelle

I do an interactive bulletin board. I had something this year called the think tank. It was a bulletin board made to look like a fish tank, huge fish in the middle, blue background, sea border. Every Monday I would put a different problem on the board. Example: word problem for math, editing a sentence for writing, social studies question, draw the 3 kinds of levers for science...etc. They wrote their answer down, put it in a tray and took a little fish, put their name on it and stapled it on the bulletin board. At the end of the week I corrected them all. Those who got the problem right, their fish got put into a real fish bowl. I drew a name out and that person got to go to the candy jar. The kids loved it and it allowed me to put up bonus questions across the curriculum for them to do in their spare time! This year it's going to be a cage with an ape in it. The kids will put their names on a banana instead and I will draw them out like I did last year.

Grade 6 Bulletin Board
By: Maria Nigito

I teach Gr. 6-8 Language Arts with a 6th Grade Homeroom. My students enjoyed putting together the following interactive Bulletin Board to begin the 2001 School year:
Title: Grade 6
A Perfect Blend

Activity: Cover the Bulletin Board with Heavy Duty White Paper (Can double up). Border with the traditional handprints border that can be found most anywhere. During the first week of school, each student is given an area to finger- paint with a bright finger-paint color. Each area should be big enough to center a large index card. You or the student should neatly print their first name at the top of their painted area. Give each student an index card to write a short autobiographical paragraph about themselves. (rough copy first on loose-leaf, of course!) This can be as simple as just "write about yourself" or more formal with teacher/student generated questions. It was fun and gave me small sample of their writing skills. Enjoy!

bulletin boards
By: Farrah

I found an idea in the mailbox that's really cute: 'Taco' bout a great class! Fold yellow circles in half to look like tacos and put green Easter basket grass in them for the lettuce. Write kid's names on the tacos. I was fortunate and found some black material with peppers all over it at Wal-Mart that I used for my background. It is very cute!

Pencil us in for a great year... use pencils

Mrs. -----'s bunch... a monkey hanging from a tree holding a bunch of bananas with kid's names on them.

Look who landed in our room...parachutes with pictures of kids.

----grade will be balls of fun... use different balls--you can buy a set at the local teacher supply store.

Mrs.----'s shining stars...use stars with the kid's names on them.

bulletin boards
By: Anna

My first year teaching was 2nd grade in a Catholic school, and I had a bulletin board outside my room that I did with apples. I had apple cut-outs and put the students names on them. I made a tree with butcher paper and put some of the apples on the tree and some in a basket (3-D stapled to board) under the tree. My title said "A great bushel of students in 2nd grade".
The last 2 years I have been in 5th grade in a Catholic school. One year I had a poster with the "Footprints" poem on it, and around the poster I had die cuts of feet with the students names on them and the title said "5th Graders are walking with Christ". Last year I had a big bee-hive that said "Welcome to the Hive" and all the students names were on bee cut outs.


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